What’s Happening?

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Medina County Commissioners have approved the above agreement to share costs of a construction of a shared courthouse between the city and county.

  • Under the above agreement, Medina County City/County taxpayers would pay $45 million.

  • The above agreement includes tearing down the “new” 1969 Courthouse, the Prosecutor’s Office (the historic house), and the back of the “old” 1841 Courthouse.

  • Medina County Commissioners have said all stakeholders will have input; HOWEVER,

    • Medina domestic Relations Court (headed by Judge Mary Kovack) has NOT been consulted,

    • Medina County Law Library (Pat Walker, President) has NOT been consulted.

Drawbacks of Above Agreement

  • Reducing the size of the Law Library by 73%

  • No 24/7 access to the Law Library

  • No room for books

  • Two computer terminals instead of the current five

  • No room for a person to assist Library members

  • No room for a person to handle the lawyer referral service

  • No room for a person to assist the Bar Association

  • Insufficient room to satisfy statutory duties of providing legal research to judges, prosecutors, public defenders, criminal defense lawyers, and the public

  • No space to meet the requirements for a Grievance Committee


Let the County Commissioners and City Council know you want the present agreement to be changed! Click the “Contact Commissioners” link below!

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Contact Information

  • Email: savemedinacourthouse@gmail.com