What’s Happening?

At this time, the plan is to….

  1. Demolish the courthouse at 93 Public Square, which is normally known as the “new” courthouse that was build in 1969

new courthouse.png

2. Demolish the back of the courthouse at 99 Public Square, which is normally known as the “old” courthouse that was started in 1841

old courthousr.png

The plan also includes spending around $40 million to build a new courthouse facility for the present County Court and the Medina Municipal Court that is less adequate or the same as the current facilities.

For instance, the Domestic Relations Court has about the same amount of space as it does presently.  Why spend millions to have the status quo?  That is not planning for 50 years in the future.

Another example is that the law library, which provides legal resources for the judges, elected officials, prosecutors and legal defenders, currently has 2,203 square feet. The law library is required by contract and statute. Sometimes it is in the Courthouse plans and at other times it is not in the Courthouse.

Comments have been made that departments in the courthouse do not need all their current space. Why would you spend millions of dollars to have less space?


Approximately $100,000 has been spent by Medina County for design services from the architect. Medina County and the City of Medina have an agreement with the architect to pay another $532,000.

Another architect agreement has been created. It is an agreement to pay the architects $2.66 million. The County is searching for a general contractor to begin October 1, 2019.


  1. The expenditures of this money should be put on the ballot for the voters of Medina County to decide.

  2. The people of Medina County should be consulted.

  3. The people working in the Courthouse should be consulted about this huge project.

If you agree, don’t let our Courthouse become a White Elephant! Join us in letting the Commissioners and City Council know our opinion!